Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of term three 2018. We are grateful to God for his mercies and faithfulness.

On behalf of the B.O.M, P.A, teachers and the entire Njabini Boys High School fraternity, I send you warm Christmas greetings. I have released the students to go home for their December holiday today 25th October 2018.


Form one, two and three will come home with their tune up academic report forms. Take keen interest in your son’s academic progress. Advise him on weak subjects and motivate him on his strong areas. End of term three examination results will be sent via text message (sms) not later than 14th November 2018.



We have had incidences of indiscipline and I request that you help your son to reflect on them with a view of changing this behavior. We have noted with great appreciation that our students have the capacity of reflecting on acts of indiscipline and always take the first step in seeking forgiveness which we grant. Thus I urge all of you parents and guardians to instill high level of discipline in your son both in and out of school.


Holiday Work

All students have been given homework to do during the December holiday in all subjects. Parents are requested to ensure the homework is fully completed before the opening day. This will assist him to do his Cats and Exams with confidence. All exams begin on the second week after school opens.


 Metallic plates, cups and buckets

It has come to our attention that some students lack these necessary items and hence share with their classmates which may result to low hygiene and health issues. It also causes time wastage during their breaks as they wait for others to finish also derailing the service from the kitchen staff. Please ensure that your son brings these necessary items as they resume school in January.


Fees Payment

I would like to thank all the parents who paid the school fees in time which enabled efficient and smooth running of the institution. To those that were late in payment I urge you to pay the full amount latest by mid- term. The amount and payment details are attached in the fees structure attached.


School Opening

The school will open on Thursday 3rdJanuary 2019. The students are required to be in school not later than 3.00 pm


Wishing you a Happy Christmas Holiday


Yours Sincerely,


Kairu L. M.



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